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报价单 英文

价格是否含税应在价格之后注上如下内容: 含税价格: (VATinclusive)(含增值税),“VAT”为“ValueAddedTax”的缩写。 (GSTinclusive)(含商品及服务税),“GST”为“GoodsandServicesTax”的缩写。 不含税价格: (Taxexcluded)(不含税) 有时...

英语发信: Dear Mr./Ms. xxx, Please check the attachment for the quotation. If you have any doubts, pls let me know ASAP. Wish you have a good day!(ps:发上祝福的话,这样有礼貌O(∩_∩)O~) Sincerely yours. 2013.8.26

The attachment is our English price list. 也可以说为: Please find attached the English version price list of our company.

随函附上报价单 Enclosed please find the quotation. 后面再客气点:有什么问题请随时联系 If any questions, please feel free to contact us.

the details of quotation please look at the attachment.

offer英[ˈɒfə(r)] 美[ˈɔ:fə(r)] vt.提供,给予; 提出,提议; 出价,开价; 表示愿意; vi.提议; 企图,想要; 供奉; n.提议; 出价,开价; 试图; 求婚; [例句]How can we produce top-class engineers when universit...

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the ascomycete sexual cycle, hyphae of different mating strainsfuse, giving rise to ascospores that form in a small, saclike ascus. Groups of asci form fruiting bodies. Ascomycetes of interest to humans includetruffles, yeasts,...

Renewed quotation Updated quotation Renewed pricelist Updated pricelist 四个都可以 随便选一个


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