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total people

人数的限制 Limit the number of people 注: limit 英 [ˈlɪmɪt] 美 [ˈlɪmɪt] n. 限制; 界限; 限量,限度; vt. 限制,限定; [例句]Her love for him was being tested to its limits. 她对他的爱经受着极其严峻的...

员工人数 Number of employees 员工人数 Number of employees

应参加人数 Should participate in the number of 应参加人数 Should participate in the number of

In the US, online shoppers contribute to 69% of the total netizens and 49.8% of the total population (citizens不如population准确,但对仗工整).

total sum of

The number of people reduces/ed/ing 人数减少 population decrease(人口减少) 亲.这可都是我纯手动...有问题还可以追问我哦....

Total number of people

the number of the people

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