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失物招领处 英语

短语失物招领处 The phrase lost and found 短语失物招领处 The phrase lost and found

Lost and Found Office; Lost Property Office 希望对你有帮助

in the lost and found case

英国失物招领处 lost property 英文简介: A lost property is an office in a public building or area where people can go to retrieve lost articles that may have been found by others. Frequently found at museums, amusement parks an...

I lost my handbag on the way to work this morning. There is a pen,a key to the door and a lot of money in it. I wish the finder to return it to me very soon. Will the finder please come to the NO. 15 Middle School or call me?...

Lost and Found 或者 Lost Property

用at at the Lost and Found ---教科书上的。

在失物招领处有一些奇怪的东西 There are some strange things in the lost and found

Is the watch in Lost and Found Department yours?


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