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a box

a box of milk 如果是那种小包装的牛奶用carton a carton of milk

一支烟 A cigarette 一盒烟 A pack of cigarettes 一条烟 A smoke

a carton of milk 楼上的是一箱牛奶 还有问题的话,欢迎追问

1.How much are a box of tea-leaves/cigarettes? 2.How much are this pair of gloves/socks? 3.How much are these two pairs of socks? 4.How much are these gloves? 5.These two pairs of socks are 20 yuan. 6.These gloves are 60 yuan.

a box of juice

A box of egg

A cigarette, a pack of cigarettes :1条香烟、一盒(包)香烟

I have bought a box of your products to examinate whether their quality and performance agree with what and how you say they are.

In which way do you sell it? In bulk(散装) or box-packed? Also, do you have smaller size?


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