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英语翻译 我们准备更改付款方式,从LC变成TT付款....

We will change the terms of payment from LC to TT. The documents will be sent to you on time if you are ok with it.

Regarding the payment methods, I would suggest you consider TT remittance for your financial benefits. The number of commission charges caused by LC will result in a cost raise.

PAYMENT TERM : T/T, 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance against of the B/L copy 实际用过的..........

中文:预付款50%,出货前收50%的余款。翻译成英文,我个人觉得这样翻译还是比较接近的,翻译如下: 50% advance before shipment, to collect 50% of the balance。 这样翻译也需比较接近真实的汉语含义。

30%订金,70%发货前付清 30% deposit, 70% payment before shipment 30%订金,70%发货前付清 30% deposit, 70% payment before shipment

合同总值中剩余的30%将以TT方式支付,条件是:装运日期后6天内贵方提供B/L 和其他装运单据的传真件。

30% advacne by T/T, 70% against by B/L copy

30% in addvance by T/T

First of all I am very grateful that you can once again chosen us to do suppliers, for the payment (payment terms), our company provides either a TT or LC. We each customer (client) requirements are the same, we are treated fai...

ご注文をいただく同时に、LC発行あるいは30%のTT送金、70%のLCの必要があります。事前に生产材料を手配しますから。当然、纳期も早くします。 以上是按照楼主要求翻译的,希望能帮助到你。


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