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here 是副词,修饰动词come的,类似用法还有go home, go there 都不要to的。但是后面接的是名词就要用上表“目的”的介词to 了,如:come to beijing, go to school, go to the school.

here是地点副词,语法规定地点副词前不可以加任何介词,类似的词语还有there :here, , home, upstairs, downstairs, anywhere, everywhere, nowhere, somewhere, abroad, elsewhere等。 希望可以帮到你

Amy comes to here

come here to do sthлл


《Come Here》歌词: There's wind that blows in from the north. 北面吹来一阵风 And it says that loving takes this course. 诉说着爱意的来临 Come here. Come here. 来吧,来吧 No I'm not impossible to touch I have never wanted you s...

do you come here to die 你来这里找死? 双语对照 例句: 1. Oh, god! Did you come here to die? 天啊!你要来这里自杀? 2. Do you often come here to dance? 你经常来这儿跳舞吗? . __________________________________ 很高兴为你解答! 如...

楼主,你好come to do 是来做什么事的意思(come 在这里是现在分词)整句的意思:我知道这里有很多人望采纳!

Unlove You 播放 歌手:Elise Estrada 语言:英语 unfair unreal i wanna tell my heart it's a quick steal that'd be one way to unlove you unjust unkind that i can't you erase from my mind that'd be another way to unlove you even th...

因为come是动词,是不及物动词,就是后面不需要宾语 to是介词,介词后面一定要有宾语,构成介宾结构 here是副词,不能充当to的宾语 类似的还有 there,where和home


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