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And update rate: 1 times per secondBuoy systemParameters of buoy can carry all kinds of detection of seawater co...

两个单词 misfire detection 失火检测 例句: A defective injector is detected by the misfire detection system and is not activated again. 由缺火检测系统检测喷射器是否损坏,一旦损坏,便不再启用。

 警告:检测到的AP速率限制,等待60秒,然后重新检查 采纳哦



RepairRate=.016 每2次扳手闪动的时间间隔为0.016分钟(建筑) RepairStep=8 ... DisabledDisguiseDetectionPercent=15,5,2 电脑发现幻影的几率 AIAutoDeployFrame...

To ascertain a test of the object properties We often have to use various instruments and tools (direct measurement or telemetry) to access a variety ...

随着Android SDK的升级,以前的某些接口可能有更好、更安全的接口来代替。Android开发团队会把过时的接口标识成deprecated, 然后在开发文档中提示使用最新的...


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