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look thE girls

are watering me isn't France women children teachers’ didn't know are looking at is running 保证对

你好! Look! The girls are singin in the hall. 看!姑娘们在大厅里唱埃


Now, everybody, please turn to page ________ and look at the ________ picture. 答案是: [ B ] A. Fifth; five B. Five; fifth C. Fifth; fifth D. Five; five 如下图示:

are playing basketball are playing the piano am guessing Do to join

选B.强调the boys 和 the girls 两者的动作同时进行.意思是"看!男孩们在踢足球,女孩们在跳舞."


B watch 看比赛


Love And War - Tamar Braxton Somebody said everyday was gon' be sunny skies 有人说每一天都是美好的一天 Only Marvin Gaye and lingerie, 只有马文盖伊 I guess somebody lied 我猜有人说谎 We started discussing it to fighting 我们为了...


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