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可以的。 make a great influence on sb 对某人有很大的影响 eg. His speech made a great influence on me. 他的演讲对我影响很大。 不过习惯上,我们是用have a great influence on 比较多。

make influence on the students 在学生群发挥影响力 make influence in the industrial business. 在这行业的生意里发挥影响力 make influence to them. 对他们发挥影响力;

make an influence( on) something...在·什么事情上有影响力。。。

make an influence on是固定搭配哦,其他两个都不对。 望采纳!加油!

make an influence on 影响,变化 User can make an influence on the system by playing with the blocks or observingthe change of the shadows as if kids were playing with an ant farm. 通过移动桌上的方体,观众能影响该生态系统;又或...

At the same time make up a missed lesson also exists some bad influence. Students for ascension results spend most of my time spent on make-up, ...

music fuel my mood As is known to all , music can influence our emotions , thoughts and behavior to a great degree . It can make us sad or ...

都是对...有影响的意思 区别在于influence和effect的不同。 influence是深远的影响,有可能短期内看不出来,注重“深远” 而effect一般指“短期效应和影响”,可能这个影响过一段时期就会消失。 希望可以帮助你理解。

前者是有区别,产生区别的意思 后者是产生影响的意思 完全不同的两个意思



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