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需要,中文:尼罗河是埃及最长的河。 (误)Nile River is the longest river in Egypt. (正)The Nile River is the longest river in Egypt.(在河流,山脉等名称前要用定冠词。)

why they say that the nile river was a "gift" to the ancient egyptions Because the Nile river provided the Egyptians with plenty of water and fertile soil, which were very important to the agriculture and people's living. And t...


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The Nile is the longest river in the world?Which river is the longest river in the world?

longer 由than可知用比较级

The Nile River is on the continent of Africa

古西腊最著名的大河莫过于尼罗河.They spoke of the river with admiration and called Egypt "the gift of the Nile".人们赞美这条河流,并称它为"尼罗河之礼"...


long longer(比较级) the longest (最高级)


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