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There are four seasons in a year.My Favourite season in spring.Spring is colourful.The sky is blue and the clouds are snow white.The trees become green and the grass grow .In spring the mountains become green ,and there are flo...

你听错了, 是that引导的主语从句作主语, it是形式主语。 that man was making a real effort to understand the seasons 20,000 years earlier than has been supposed是主语

下面是六篇,喜欢"春夏秋冬"的都有,你可以参照以下,尽量用自己的语言表达,想想在那个季节可以做的喜欢的事情.希望对你有帮助! 一 My favourite season (春天) Hello, my dear friends! What’s my favourite season? Let me tell you.My favouri...

http://edu.bokee.com/english/music/SeasonsInTheSun.mp3 http://search.gougou.com/search?search=seasons%20in%20the%20sun&id=1

My favorite season There are four seasons in a year: spring、summer、autumn and winter. I love them very much but the most favorite season is spring. People said“The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring.”Spring i...

Hysteria -Def Leppard http://www.kuwo.cn/yinyue/310256/ 满意请采纳哦!

这句是在 has been supposed 前省略了 what 意思是人类似乎早就在关注并尝试了解季节(的变化),比原先设想的还早了2万年。

2011.11.18 夜探警长那段真的很好笑 不过那个杀人的鬼东西 真是恶心啊

反义词: leisure 安逸;空闲 adj.空闲的;有闲的;;或者业余的free 例句 尽管工作很忙,但偷得浮生半日闲,只要有时间,我就同家人在一起。 Although I am very busy, I try to find some leisure time. Whenever there is time, I would get toge...



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